Philadelphia, the city where the U.S. Constitution was written and signed. Home of the Liberty Bell. A city whose importance of the founding of this nation is unparalleled. But did you know that there is more to file than its rich history?More, much more. And you can get access to all that this great city has to offer with the Philadelphia CityPASS

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What is CityPASS? Is a one time payment that grants you and your family access to some of Philly’s most exciting attractions. Each pass allows you access to 3-5 popular destinations. Starting at only $49 for adults, this won’t just guarantee that you have something to do on your next trip to the great state of Pennsylvania, it’ll save you a ton of money

Adventure Aquarium

Adventure Aquarium

Philadelphia isn’t just a stroll through the this country’s past, it also offers attractions such as the Adventure Aquarium. Walk along the Shark Bridge, the longest V-shaped rope suspension bridge in the world, suspended just inches over the largest collection of sharks on the East Coast. Let me repeat, you get to be inches away from actual sharks. With the CityPASS you can enjoy all the adventure and aquatic life you ever wanted

The Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo

Haven’t gotten your animal fixed yet? That’s fine, because with the CityPASS you can also visit the Philadelphia Zoo! The zoo has a first in the world system of see-through mashed trails that run through the treetops and provides bridges for the animals to roam to different habitats. This zoo offers rare breeds, dynamic displays and a hands on experience

One Liberty Observation Deck

The One Liberty Observation Deck

If there’s one thing that every city offers a unique version of, if the view. At The One Liberty Observation Deck, you are given a 360° view of historic Philadelphia at all times of the day. Needless to say, the view is absolutely breathtaking, and will be an attraction that you’ll want to visit more than once!

Please Touch Museum

Please Touch Museum

Have kids, or at least feel like a kid at heart? Use CityPASS to drop on by to the Please Touch Museum. While other museums tell you not to even breathe on anything, Please Touch Museum said no. There are so many cool experiments and displays, all of which are interactive and immersive. It’s so much fun you’ll forget that it’s even meant to be educational!

The National Constitutional Center

The National Constitutional Center

Last but not least on our list, the National Constitution Center. Do you love America? Rhetorical question, of course you do! With Philadelphia’s CityPASS, now you can see the institution dedicated to one of the most important documents on earth. This priceless testament to American history is the ultimate destination for any history buff or anyone looking to feel more connected with our country’s past.

There you have it. These are just a few of the great attractions of Philadelphia that CityPASS will allow you to explore. I hope you look forward to seeing this great city that’s been inspiring the U.S. from the beginning. Happy travels!

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