Environmental Conditions

Dr. Benson defined stress as “Environmental conditions that behavioral adjustment.” With this definition in mind, it’s easy to see why travel, especially on business, can be a dramatic stress inducer. At every turn, travel confronts us with change. The traveler is transported to a new locale where he or she must confront the unknown and unfamiliar. Different surroundings, the absence of family and friends, possibly a new language,unfamiliar foods and customs require emotional and behavioral adjustment. Add to that the pressure of doing business on a tight schedule and you have a surefire recipe for stress. A 1988 study of business travelers by Hyatt Hotels & Resorts describes business travel as “a heightened, charged experienced in which every pitfall is magnified in every small inconvenience is perceived as a threat not just to the business at hand, but also to the travelers sense of personal mastery.” While no two travelers will respond to the stress of the road, in the same way we can all expect to experience a little insecurity while traveling.

Holiday Travel

Holiday time is here and for most people that means it’s travel season. Whether you are traveling by car or playing, going on a long trip for a weekend getaway, no matter what time of year it is, it helps to be prepared for some of the unexpected upsets and minor elements that can sometimes mar a perfectly good trip.

The biggest of these is probably the stress that simply comes with travel- delayed, canceled, or missed flights, lost luggage or misplaced documents, a flat tire or other major car trouble, motion sickness, jet lag, and various camping -related mishaps.Then there are the more common culprits like holes and allergies, upset stomach, Or digestive stress, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, minor cuts and bruises, blistered feet, rashes or hives.

Essential Oils

There are a number of surprisingly simple ways you can use essential oils, alone or combined with other plant-based ingredients, to address these problems head-on and avoid the kind of misery that can make you wish you stayed home.

Plan Your Travel

Take a hard look at any plans to travel. While some travel is fine, trying to fit everybody in can be exhausting and often results in you feeling over-tired, short -tempered and resentful, unable to enjoy  your time with others. Instead of trying to visit with everybody in a very short time frame why not make plans to visit at other times of the year? Spacing out and travel out over the full year is far less wearing and can provide you with mini-holidays which can help reduce the stress and provide you with some much needed relaxation throughout the year

Chill Out, It’s Good for your Health

When we are faced with situations that require adjustment of our behavior, an involuntary response increases our blood pressure, heart rate, the rate of breathing, blood flow to muscles, metabolism, preparing us for conflict or escape,”writes Dr. Herbert Benson in his landmark book The Relaxation Response (1975). When the stress bell sounds, our bodies prime us to fight or flee. This came in handy for our ancestors who needed the adrenaline boost to occasionally battle a prehistoric predator, but for a Type-A executive on the road, the chronic elicitation of the flight-or- flight response can lead to hypertension, heart disease, and other problems. All those periods of travel-induced anxiety, frustration, and anger take their toll.

Make Everyday A Good Day

Despite the security concerns and uncertainty, the separation from family and friends, the traffic jams, overbooked planes, the missed connections, the lost luggage, and the sometimes poor service from hotels and car rental companies, travel stress can be successfully managed. Henry David Thoreau once wrote, “The greatest art is to change the quality of the day.” How are you changing the quality of your travel day?

The following points will help you manage travel stress best as you can

  • Recognize your own signs of travel stress
  • Regain control while on the road
  • Adopt a positive attitude towards travel
  • Prepare to beat stress
  • Travel with your favorite pet to keep you company at all times
  • Pace yourself
  • Keep a routine
  • Create time for yourself to relax
  • Find social support while away
  • Take care of your relationships while traveling
  • Know what to do when travel stress strikes

How To Handle Stress When Traveling

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