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Today Seattle is a most popular destination for tours to come here from all over the world to see firsthand one of America’s most vibrant and enterprising cities. In this guide we will discover the most interesting destinations and attractions not to be missed on a trip to Seattle, the Emerald City of the state of Washington.

So Much To See

The most interesting attractions that you can find in Downtown you cannot miss the spectacular Seattle Aquarium, With its incredible sea creatures, the Museum of Art, which houses a rich collection of contemporary art from around the  world, but especially the Pike Place market. This covered market, in addition to being one of the oldest and longest in United States, is the perfect place to find bargains in secondhand shops, enjoy some delicacies prepared by street food banquets and by the best of local food and wine production. At “Pike”,It is normally called in Seattle, you cannot miss a visit to Rachel, The bronze statue of a little. Who has been the market mascot for over 30 years.

From The Sea To The Sky

Moving to the Queen and in South Lake Union neighborhood you can visit the most famous and celebrated building in Seattle, to become the very symbol of the city, the Space Needle. This vertiginous structure was inaugurated in 1962 as the major attraction of the universal  exhibition and since then has become the fixed destination of every tourist visiting Seattle.

On top of the tower, as well as the viewing platform that allows you to admire the whole city in the beautiful mountains in the background, there is a restaurant and some souvenir shops. Given the large number of visitors, we need to prepare ourselves for a long wait if we tried to visit the Space Needle during the major holidays.

So Much Culture

From the tower there are some cultural centers of great interest, which are often ignored by the crowd waiting to go up to admire the view; instead they offer many surprises. In fact, in the area are the Children’s Museum, An unforgettable experience for the whole family,The Pacific Science Center, Which allows visitors an incredible experience made of experiments and multimedia platforms with the scientific theme and the fabulous Pop-Culture Museum,which hosts collections and exhibitions on the entire imaginary pop, From fantasy culture to the most famous TV series, in a futuristic architectural structure. And oh let’s not forget the incredulous Chihuly Museum. A journey into the cultural heart of the state of Washington.

Or You Can Park

Staying in the neighborhood you can take a ride in the Lake Union Park, A picturesque public park where you can visit the Museum of Industry and the Museum of Wooden Ships, a unique museum institution where visitors can learn every secret of the ancient art of built wooden boats and take a nice ride in the waters of the artificial lake on a traditional boat used to in the past by the woodsman of the region.

For science and technology lovers,a not-to-be missed stopped in Seattle is the Flight Museum, which houses an incredible collection of real airplanes and historical vehicles that can be visited, including  a P-51 Mustang, V2 Rockets and the modules of the Apollo spacecraft and the lunar module of a mission that reached the Moon.

More To Do Than You Can Pay For.. But Wait There Is CityPASS

There is so much more to visit and experience in Seattle for trip to remember the things could get tricky because of the ticket prices and long lines. Having a Seattle CityPASS is the best thing to do to visit many highlights such as Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour, Museum of Pop Culture,Woodland Park Zoo, Chihuly Garden and Glass or Pacific Science Center in a convenient smart way. What is Seattle CityPASS? A CityPASS ticket booklet that is very easy to use,valid for nine consecutive days starting from the first day of use.You will save time and money and you will see the city at your own pace:you will not forget this trip for a long time.

Exploring Seattle With CityPASS

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