The dot – com bubble and the corresponding boom of the Internet that accompanied it provided a birthing ground for a large number of web/interest-based businesses. When the bubble and eventually crashed majorities of these companies would,

however, tumble with its rubble. But not eBags, Launched in the spring of 1998 by five visionary entrepreneurs,Leveraged on the company wrote the waves of the Internet boom,Leveraged innovative technologies and deployed what was then cutting-edge logistic solutions to create a revolutionary model of shopping. eBags debuted as the first genuinely trustworthy e-commerce outlet. It put convenience in online shopping and perhaps more notably gave consumers the opportunity to review products they purchased.

The result, a thoroughly scalable business model that not only attended to the banking needs of America’s expanding population but was also robust enough to weather the storm of the dot-com bubble

Bags Bags And More Bags

Like the name aptly lets out, eBag is an online marketplace primarily dedicated to the sale and distribution of bags and related accessories. Think of it as Amazon but this time just for bags. Mike Amazon, eBags is also a global leader in the consumer items market. While the former deals with general merchandise, eBags is the world’s largest online retailer of luggage, laptop bags, handbags,backpacks and an assortment of other travel related items. With a listing that incorporates more than 500 of the world’s leading brands, and aiding in the selection of no less than 55,000 bags, eBags is the ultimate check out point for all bags and travel accessory related needs. So, whether you are the fashion aficionado or just average Joe looking forward to stuff your luggage before heading off on that vacation, eBags provides a one-stop destination to cater for all banking needs.

Some Of The Best Prices In The Market

EBags operates an ingenuous service delivery model where the emphasis is on achieving maximum efficiency was the leanest of resources. When the company first started it practically have no inventory in stock. Orders were processed on the website and then fulfilled directly by drop shipping items from manufacturer to the end consumer. Invariably this translated to reducing operating capital for eBags, and although the company recently redesigned its operational framework to stop some products a vast number of items still follow the traditional manufacturer-consumer highway. The flexibility and lower cost of operations facilitated thereof by this mechanism are well evident in the price list of eBags’ numerous product offerings. They are without a doubt the best in the market. And to make sure these prices upstage the competition at any point in time the company makes it a point of  contact to review its pricing structure every six hours.

Quality You Can Trust

Much of eBags’ foundational success can be attributed to trust consumers had for the brand when it first debuted in 1998. EBags earned this trust based on the quality of its product offerings and even today the company continues to upholds its ‘the best or nothing ‘ ethos. From its budget–friendly bestsellers to its luxury showcase of bespoke travel accessories, every item on the eBags e-commerce store comes with the trademark guarantee of quality. The goal is to provide 100% consumer satisfaction against all the odds.

The eBags reviews system make certain that this goal follows through. For every purchase made consumers are asked to leave a review. More often than not eBags ‘sterling line up of products turned in a five-star review as it is evident on the company’s sales page. That said, in the unlikely event that a customer leaves a negative review E bag has been known to personally reach out to unsatisfied customers with a goal of forging a mutual beneficial solution. That’s personalized customer service at its best, and it is one of the reasons eBags continues to be the darling  E-commerce Outlet for many consumers.

 Finally, An Unbeatable Selection Of Items

eBags started as a bag only retail outlet, the company has in recent years worked to diversify its market reach and in the process re-strategize its operational objectives. Currently, it brands itself as the one stop destination for all travel shopping. The product listing on its main sales page lays credence to this assertion. In addition to bags and other travel accessories, eBags now lists travel clothing, iPhone cases, hats, camping gear, scarves and other assorted items from your favorite brands on its website. Unsurprisingly this has prospered a massive sales boost with the company reporting a 20% increase in sales growth in revenues getting all-time highs of over $194 million.

For every bag or travel accessory related needs, eBags stocks it correspondingly suitable product any more than competitive price point. Qualitatively and quantitatively they outshine virtually every other competitor ergo cementing their names as Americans leading online – only retail outlet for bags and travel accessories.


eBags Review

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