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The whole world is full of interesting destinations-there’s always something new to see, a delicious new meal to taste or someone interesting to talk to. However, undoubtedly one of the most interesting places to visit is Cambodia, in South East Asia.

The first thing to know about Cambodia is that it is a developing country, so you do need to adjust your expectations a little. “Five-star luxury”in Cambodia may be a little different than what you’re used to- but that’s half the fun, and where else can you enjoy an absolutely delicious meal with fresh ingredients, for just a couple of dollars?

Cambodia Meal

Most people to visit Cambodia stop in Siem Reap, to the bustling town that’s most well known as the place to stay for the brilliant temples subject as Angkor Wat. You certainly cannot miss visiting them, and especially pretending to be Tomb Raider in the famous overgrown Ta Prohm Temple

Ta Prohm Temple

Then there’s seeing the sunrise at Angkor Wat-it is just magical! As long as you’re okay with heights, an even more spectacular way to take it all in is to go up in a brightly-colored hot air balloon. It’s such an incredible site to look over the ancient temple, still in use by monks in their saffron orange robes, and wants the sun rise gracefully over it.

Many visitors leave Siem Reap as soon as they have explored the temples, but there is so much more to do if you stay an extra few days.


The best way to get around the temples is by tuk-tuk, a kind of motorized rickshaw. You’ll be amazed how effortlessly the drivers navigate the bumpy roads, and how effective the “natural air-conditioning”is. It’s so much fun to whiz through the little villages, the wind on your face and in your hair,stopping only to explore the historic sites.

Shopping is a definite must in Siem Reap, with the beautiful night market a particular highlight. There is even a Tiki bar in the middle so you can indulge in some delicious tropical cocktails between bouts of shopping!you might just find yourself that hypnotized by the dazzling tricks of the skilled bartenders,

Within the market, you can find lots of beautiful items including statues, spices and paintings.

Another place to buy some amazing souvenirs of your time in Siem Reap is to visit the Angkor Silk Farm. Here, you get a tour of the premises to see how everything is made. Nearly all of the people employed at the farm are socially disadvantaged, such as single mothers or people with disabilities. You really feel so good about buying the beautiful silk products, such as studying scarves and shawls

Cambodia Silk Khmer

One of the absolute best things about Cambodia, however, is that people. The locals are so friendly, and always intrigued to hear about your home country. While some customs might make you laugh- “how old are you?” is considered a perfectly reasonable icebreaker in Cambodia- is truly wonderful to get to hear about a culture that’s very different to your own.

Not only are you likely to leave Cambodia some wonderful and funny memories, but also some lifelong friends.

Cambodia: The Most Interesting Place I’ve Ever Visited

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