You have probably read about it already. There are some people out there who are making some pretty decent coin with affiliate marketing. It’s actually true and not anything to do with fake news. But how exactly is it possible with so many different websites out there creating a ginormous sea of competition?

Well, that’s where things get sort of murky and sort of interesting. The way to excel at affiliate marketing comes from what the internet can do for you and not what it does for anyone else. Here are some tips to help you sort your way through the maze of possibilities.

1 – Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

One of the huge advantages to affiliate marketing is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, if you find a program that requests you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to join you probably shouldn’t. That’s because affiliate marketing tools are far less costly. You could spend about $30 a month with some companies. Other afilliate programs are built on commission rates. Regardless, as a newbie affiliate, you won’t need to take out a loan at the bank or a second mortgage just to get involved.

2 – No Fee For What Doesn’t Work

Depending on the specific affiliate program you choose, you will notice another interesting part regarding money. Essentially you don’t have to cough up anything like a commission if the ads you run do not produce any results. In other words, if your website features affiliate ads for Product X and for some reason no one really wants Product X this week, you are out nothing. It’s a pretty safe way to earn a little extra green because you aren’t paying for something that isn’t always grabbing attention online.

3 – New Traffic To Your Site

Here’s a really nifty bonus that comes from affiliate marketing that isn’t always mentioned. When you are highlighting ads for Product X, you are going to attract fans of Product X to your website. Assuming your website is about the History of Widgets and Product X does not exactly match the topic your website is about, you are going to get some fresh, new eyes looking at your Widgets. Chances are, some of the Product X fans will become fans of your Widget website. What we are talking about here is additional exposure for you and your products.

4 – No More Sales Staff

Don’t laugh at this. It’s serious business. When you employ affiliate marketing in your online properties you will no longer need to employ a staff of sales people. That is, of course, assuming you have an actual sales department. Here’s the point: If you have a sales department and you are paying them when times are good you still have to pay them when business is in the tubes. However, with affiliate marketing you won’t need those salesman who claim to hit monthly projections but only achieve that by fudging the numbers in their favor.

Where were we? Oh, right. No sales staff saves you $$$. Affiliate marketing means you only pay on sales that are completed. Much cheaper. More efficient. Less arguments and fights.

5 – Power For The Power Hungry

power hungry

Okay, that heading is a touch deceiving. What we meant to say is that with affiliate marketing you have a lot more control. You play an important part in the complete process which may include but is not limited to: setting commission rates, creating marketing tools such as banner ads and links, sending payments to the affiliates, communicating what your vision is and how the affiliates can assist in making that happen and so on. The ‘so on’ part is as important as it may be related to the ‘power’ part of the equation. What we are saying here is that you have a lot more – if not complete – control in how this all plays out and what part you will play in the affiliate marking equation.

6 – More Exposure To Your Stuff

Not only will affiliate marketing bring customers of Product X items to your Widget website, the marketing tools that form the foundation of the affiliate program you choose will also introduce your website to more Widget lovers as well. The way this works is simple: Unless you work for Google,you are not going to be much of an expert on how to pull traffic out of that giant sea of competition that forms the major chunk of the internet (ignoring the massive section that falls under the category of  online porn). The marketing tools you will have access to will increase the visibility of your website. Hey, who doesn’t want that to happen?

7 – Pulling Rank

Here’s something you don’t always see when you are looking at this as a newbie opportunity. Affiliate marketing is a lot like a magnet to your website. Because you will be making use of inbound links to send traffic here, there and everywhere inside and outside of your website, Google will start to pay a little more attention to your website. That’s correct. Google will tug your site out of that sea of competition and start to pay a little more attention to it. The new love Google will smother your Widget website will start to push it up in the ranking list. This increases traffic and pulls you away from that giant collection of millions of other websites.

8 – More Fun Than A Barrel of Monkeys

One more interesting fact about affiliate marketing that newbies don’t typically pick up on at first is that it’s a ton of fun. Seriously. You get to learn about what works and what doesn’t work through analytics that can virtually break your success down to the tiniest factor. Plus, when you see what kind of numbers are actually looking at or clicking your banners ads with the help of the analytic tools, you’ll find enjoyment. Plus, with all this data at your disposal you will be able to develop a better sense of target marketing which will in turn explode your affiliate marketing efforts.

9 – Increase Your Skill Set

Probably one of the truly cool things about being a newbie affiliate is the things you will learn. That is, of course, why you are interested in this game in the first place. By adding affiliate marketing to your existing website, or a new one you launch just for the purpose of this online newbie opportunity, you are going to pick up some really bitchin’ skills. You can’t help but learn a few dozen new tricks about the internet and how you can actually use it to become the friend you never knew existed before. However, you don’t want to get too close a friend with the super internet highway grid because you could earn some penalty points if you aren’t careful. But that’s a whole different blog post.

10 – Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Quite Yet

Sure, you’ll be able to make some new money through affiliate marketing but it’s not going to flow in exactly like a flash flood right away. In fact, if you get really good at it you can turn affiliate marketing into a pretty nice side hustle that’ll generate a reasonable amount of cash to keep you excited about the whole thing. You probably won’t get rich at it, though. That’s not really a bad thing, either because if you are using affiliate marketing as a tool to enhance your present income, then you’ll likely achieve that over a period of time. Expecting it to be your new career three weeks into the program is a bit out of whack, even for the smart marketers who’ve been at this for a lot longer.

So, What Is The Bottom Line About Being A Newbie Affiliate?

You’ve picked a pretty cool way to use the internet, actually. The tricks you will pick up through affiliate marketing will be valuable regardless of whether or not you stick with an online marketing program. If you get reasonably good at it, you will be able to make some extra dough. However, that will take time as this whole worldwide-web thing is not a get rich quick kind of newbie opportunity. It really has a lot to do with your existing skill set, how willing you are to take some time to grow your business and whether or not you intend to ride it out. It’s not expensive to start up, and that is a very attractive first step for anything. Think you can make it happen? We think you can and wish you all the best in getting to know Google a little bit better. Need so extra advice? Just ask us. We’ll see what we can do for you to help out.


Affiliate Marketing Makes The Internet Your Best Friend
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