The majority of the human race is passionate about traveling, right from the ancient times. However, traveling is not a simple of task as it seems. Apart from seeking the right destination to travel to, other proper preparations must be put in place to ensure a hitch-free journey.  Such preparations include packing and transportation.  Knowing what and how to pack for a trip is an essential aspect of making sure you have a safe and enjoyable trip irrespective of how long you will be staying at your proposed destination, or for what reason you are making the journey.

Recently, there have been increased restrictions and fees involved in carry-on bags and luggage on airlines.  With this, it has become imperative to be as organized as possible, while packing efficiently for any trip.  Manufacturers now design better carry-on bags and luggage to accommodate various needs, and also provide travel accessories to make the task of organizing easier.

Apart from the first aid kit, flashlight, camera, headphones or perhaps a travel hoodie, other essential travel accessories like compression sacs, packing cubes, passport covers, luggage covers, suitcase accessories, folding packs and even travel jewelry cases are what travelers should get to ensure a hitch-free trip.   The accessories you move with will depend on a variety of different things – the environment you are heading to, the length of your journey, the type of transit you prefer, and even the weather. And then the rest of the time it comes down to personal preference.

The importance of traveling accessories cannot be overemphasized, with each accessory having its specific function or use.

AllSammyProducts, in this introduction, attempts to discuss some accessories and their usefulness.
For your luggage/suitcases, you can get nice suitcase accessories like the luggage scale, luggage lock, bag bungee, unique luggage tags and packing organizers.  Luggage scales are useful for checking the weight of your luggage so that they do not overweight the recommended weight by your airline.  The luggage lock is a good guide against a wide-opened or tampered-with suitcase.  Also, a bag bungee allows you to strap two bags together while in transit, leaving your hands free to pick passports or pay for items or carry a child.  The packing organizers ensure a tidy and neat suitcase interior; individual organizers means you can pull out exactly what you need when you need it.  The luggage tags always come in handy when trying to identify your silver wheeled case among thousands of silver wheeled cases spinning around the conveyor belt.


Passport covers is another set of important set of travel accessories.  Passport covers protect your passport from normal wear and tear, and getting liquids spilled on them. With passport covers, identifying the passport in your luggage or bag is very easy.  A dark blue passport cover doesn’t always make itself known in a dark bag.  They can look super fashionable or sleek, perhaps that is your area of interest.  Some come with extra pockets inside for cash, ID’s, or random ticket slips.  Passport covers, sometimes, protect your digital information.
Compression Sacks are perfect for travelers who need to pack bulky, trekking, and activity-based clothing items.  You only need to stuff your clothes into the sack and compress.  This, in turn, creates a comfortable, space-efficient and flat packing aid.
Ziploc bags are another useful travel accessories, in fact, traveling without them is like traveling without a passport.  They are used widely because they are cheap, clear and readily available.  Ziploc bags can protect numerous items ranging from cameras to document holders and jewelry pouch.  Likewise, your cables, chargers, swimsuit bags, airport inspection bags, and even liquids are best stored using Ziploc bags.

Majority of these travel accessories are not readily available in the market.  However, they can be found on various online shopping portals.  At AllSammyProducts, we are passionate about providing shoppers or travelers the opportunity to collect the necessary travel accessories they might require, irrespective of age groups. We provide a wide variety of options for travelers to pick from, all in a bid to ease shopping and make traveling more convenient for our prospective customers without breaking the bank.
Welcome to AllSammyProducts – your one-stop shop for all your travel accessories!

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