With its vibrant aura, bustling streets and picture-perfect weather San Francisco makes for the ideal weekend getaway spot. And were not the only ones who think so. According to data collected by the National Travel and Tourism office, San Francisco is the fifth most popular destination for anyone hunting for a dose of urban thrills. The city by the Bay as its popularity known and presents to the adventure seeker a lot to see, do and experience in a unique and budget-friendly package. Its sterling lineup of action attractions, rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes/scenery, and Victorian style buildings are fantasies to behold. One visit, and like many other travelers before you, you’re hooked on to the San Francisco magic.

How do you get a taste of the San Francisco magic? It’s easy.

First Things First, Booking The Perfect Flight

For the complete three-day weekend getaway, you want to arrive San Francisco on the Friday before noon at  the very least.United Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Southwest airlines all operate morning flights from Denver Colorado to San Francisco. Of the three however, Frontier Airlines seems to be the most cost-effective, costing on the average of hundred and $147 for a round-trip ticket. That said, if you were premium comfort and convenience, then you’re probably better off speaking with United airlines with the latter of having an 8.1/10 of factory rating on Expedia compared to Frontiers 6.9. You might try United Vacations for a whole package deal !!

Once you’re done with the flight business, the next step would be to find a place to rest your head. Luckily San Francisco features an array of cheap  ( unlike its real estate ) and genuinely convenient hotels for your picking.

The Alise Hotel, a three-star sweet spot between luxury and affordability for the list of the most San Francisco natives. If money is a real issue,then check out the San Remo Hotel, you lose the regality of the Alise but retain enough amenities to feel comfortable. if you’re planning on coming over with family and friends Than perhaps the Hotel del Sol would be the perfect fit. Or you can also check on Booking.com for bed and breakfast places for even better  affordability.

Things You Could Do

Take A Tour

Either by road or by the city’s famous cable cars San Francisco is a sightseeing delight for anyone who is interested in its masterful architectures. The Golden gate Bridge is an obvious place to start with. From there make a stop at Union Square to catch a breather before taking a peek at the glamorous Chinatown. Finish off your tour by watching a sea lions showboat at Pier 39. The views here are amazing so be sure to bring your camera..

Visit The Aquarium Of The Bay

Launched in 1996, the Aquarium of the Bay is located right around here 39 on the waterfront. It features a collection of aquatic animals including jellyfish’s and sharks native to the waters of San Francisco Bay. Unsure of where to take the kids to for an exciting experience, the eye-catching display of the aquariums animals is a sure head turner. Guaranteed to get your kids pumped-up San Francisco style.


For a lesson on American history, a trip Alcatraz or simply ‘the Rock’ as it is fondly known is just what the historian ordered. From 1934 this iconic island served as a federal penitentiary housing some of the country’s most notorious criminals. While it did lose its status as a top secured destination for locking down infamous of convicts in 1963, Alcatraz was has evolved into a vintage and scenic tourist attraction. Search diligently,and you might even find some of the world’s rarest flowers thriving on its idyllic landscapes.

Finally, Visit The California Academy Of Sciences

Magnificent, splendid, intriguing. Words fail to do justice to the class act of sophistication and resplendent see that is the California Academy of sciences. Amongst other things, this museum is a world only planetarium-rain forests-aquarium-living museum. Not just that, it also holds the title being the greenest museum in the world. There’s a living roof covering more than 87% of the Academy’s rooftop to highlight that fact and an ethereal show of planetary bodies at the Morrison planetarium for you to soak in. There’s also something for the kids at the Earthquake; life on a Dynamic Planet showcase. It’s fun for the whole family plus some education too!!

A Fabulous Weekend In San Francisco

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